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It's still a few weeks away but...

Bob Weir/Ratdog at Hampton Beach 8/9/95

From: (John J. Wood)
Subject: Papa's gone, and we are on our own! - 8/9/95 @ Hampton Beach
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 08:26:26 -0500

This is totally off a fried memory:

8/9/95 - Ratdog @ Hampton Beach Club Casino, Hampton Beach, NH
Bombs Away
Walkin' Blues
City Girls->
KC Moan
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
The Winners*
This Time Forever->
Shade Of Grey
Heaven Help The Fool->
drum solo
bass solo/Amazing Grace ("This is for Jerry!", Wasserman)
Easy Answers*->
Throwing Stones*

new song written by Matt Kelly for Jerry - Kelly on acoustic w/ Wasserman
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

* - Weir on electric.

IF there are any additions or corrections, please post. I couldn't take
a setlist last night.

LAst night wasn't a was a wake, and the sermon was given by
Robert Hall Weir.

Throwing Stones: Weir sang over and over:

"Papa's gone, we are on our own!"

I have never seen such GUTS by any individual like a few thousand people
witnessed by four men...especially Weir. At the end of an unbelievable
Knockin', Weir, in anger and in pain, tossed his guitar to the ground and
bolted stage right! The last verse included, "Why is it such a damn
waste/ I believe I'm knockin' on Heaven's door."

The Club Casino set up speakers outside in the parking lot for the
ticketless...a grand gesture.

Before the set started, Weir said:

"Well, if there's anything our friend taught is, it's that
music can be used to ease us through the sad times."

Wasserman's Amazing Grace solo was indescribable, with tears streaming
down his face at its bittersweet end.

I have nothing but the deepest admiration for Bob Weir! He is a true
brother! By all rights, he could have easily been in the bay area,
but he chose to play. He needed to get it out of his system...a
true musician paying homage to family! A true soul!

At the end of Knockin', there were numerous chants of "JERRY, JERRY"
before it segued into the NFA chant...for over 15 minutes!!!! I lost
it at the end of Knockin'...I broke down...and then the NFA chant!
For a Deadhead, there was no place you'd rather be than at Hampton

You Know Our Love Will Not Fade Away!

Papa's Gone, We Are On Our Own!

| John J. Wood |
| |

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