Tuesday, July 17, 2007

--I have a recycled dream!
- - - - - -
I have always sat back and played it safe with a family to care for
*this war sucks!!
i might stand up?
i might try and use my name and words to rally the next generation?
challenge the news to spread this call
make this idea grow grow or let it die trying?
to get other kids...Lennon's, Jerry's, MLK Jr. Leary's...etc...
to join me as figureheads
even get them to join me on the Furthur bus for:
a media filled
multi stop
anti war/love blitz
with other busses and vehicles following
voices in unison
using the tools of our forefathers
flashing the long lost peace sign
handing out the good old peace buttons
placing flowers in gun barrels
all we are saying, is give peace a chance
I am speaking to those whose turn it is
our parents got together
made a difference
have we?
hasn't THIS time come?
- - - - - -
it is easy for you to just say "yes" to this
-reason with me instead??
how could i possibly rationalize doing this when I have no time or money?
still...if it is possible to REALLY do something, shouldn't i actually consider it?
"You are either on the bus, or off the bus"...K.K.
zane kesey

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