Monday, December 18, 2006



After a near disaster with my last batch (over fertilizer burn) I ripped through a fair amount of medicine. I swore I wouldn't buy it unless absolutely necessicary. Which it became near mid -October. I have tweaked my growing skills and this looks to be a VERY healthy bumper crop (I am small time and grow not even enough to keep Rubi and I stoned for 3 months which is my goal, to grow enough hi--power boo to keep lit till the next batch matures.
I THINK I DONE IT! I have about 20 healthy clones under 24 hr fluorescent waiting. I have a variety

to clone, the pURps Violet, Hash Plant, both sativas from Dutch stock, and my good old Atomic Dog a HEADY reliable hardy indica, and although different all are very stony and now have the cycle down so that I can produce quality bud every three months. I can hardly wait to cure and burn my herb. It is a good feeling to know and I follow the guidelines set by ED county SLEDNET.
So it looks like a very green Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAZE!

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