Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Music and Politics dont Mix I been told...

I posted this letter to my Yahoo Dead group and it didn't get published...

My Brothers & Systers

I'm writing, as just another American citizen, to ask you for a favor. You see, President Bush has sent Congress a proposal for the next federal budget that I consider to be downright scary. I actually call it a "reverse Robin Hood"budget because it robs funds for the poor and middle class to give giant tax breaks to the very rich. In fact, it gives so much away that under Bush's plan the deficit would only go up by nearly $300 billion dollars!
This budget is a personal matter to me for a few reasons. My diabetes for one,I depend on Medicaid to help pay for medications. I am dsabled,and depend on my Social Security and it causes many sleepless nights. But Bush wants to cut billions of dollars from Medicaid ! That's why I need Congress to stand up and say no to Bush's cuts.
So why am I writing you? Because it turns out these budget votes have been really close in recent years, often coming down to one or 2 votes. The budget effects all of us, but in the end it's only those few swing members of congress who can shift the outcome one way or the other.

That's why I'm asking you to speak out. I'm hoping that you will call your senator and/or reprasentative in congress, and let them know that next week when he goes back to Washington you want him to reject Bush's budget proposal for the federal budget. Instead, please ask him to support the health care and education programs that so many Americans count on. I guess you could say I'm asking you to be another voice against BUSH!.

Here's some of the highlights of how Bush's plan would effect us all:
Social Security: Bush is trying to use the budget to sneak through his old $700 billion dollar plan to privatize Social Security and immediately slash benefits by $6.3 billion dollars.
Health Care: Bush would slash Medicaid by $13.7 billion over 5 years, abandoning millions of young, elderly, poor and disabled Americans who depend on Medicaid as their health care option of last resort.
Education: Bush is pushing for the largest cut in the history of the Department of Education, and to completely eliminate the Perkins loan, a vital program for college students in need.
Child care: Bush wants to kick 400,000 children out of child care programs for low income working families.
Budget busting tax breaks for the rich: Bush's budget would only continue to explode the deficit by giving away over $900 billion dollars to richest 1% of the population over 10 years.
Deeper debt: Bush wants to give so much away to millionaires that even after his service cuts the annual deficit would grow by almost $200 billion dollars
Opposing this budget is also a key to victory in 2006.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for speaking up.

namaste! tahoejimbo420

"I've opted for fun in this lifetime..."~Jerry Garcia

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