Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It Happened Again!

Unlike the story I wrote about, when I got two miracle tickets for Comes A Time, when I had planned on going by hook or by crook...
this time I had thought about going to Phil and Friends for New Years, after Christmas I was DEAD broke and was resolved that Rubi and I would be spending a quiet NewYears alone together.
We had gone to the casinos for breakfast and gamble on the penny slot machines, and I was up $200 and ready to leave, Rubi was on the other side of the casino some where, when I got a phone call from my friend Summer at exactly 4:20 pm. "Jimbo a friend just left me 2 tickets for Phil and Friends, but I can't use them, and I knew of all the Deadheads I know, you came immediately to my mind"...without one iota of hesitation I said hell yes, be there in 20 minutes...I jumped up and cruised through and finally found Rubi and told her the situation and although she has been to many rock concerts, Comes a Time was her first experience at a Phamily Gathering. And she was all for it.
After a week of rain here at the lake it had finally started snowing on New Years Eve, but right as we got to Meyers the chain restrictions were lifted and the first tiny miracle occurred, I didn't have to get out in the freezing weather to throw on the chains.
It was smooth sailing all the way down the hill and on to the City, we had left Tahoe at 5pm and had no traffic into the City and found parking under Civic Plaza without a hitch, and we walked through the doors of Bill Grahm Memorial Auditorium at 5 minutes to Eleven, and proceeded to boogie, dance, and shake our bones.
We missed Jon Mayer, but oh well.
After an all too brief time Phil called for a short break, and by that time I needed a break of my own, Tahoe to San Francisco without a bathroom stop.
I had gotten in contact with Lizzy, and we were supposed to hook up, but after the music started there was no way to hear or talk on the cell, although I got a hell of a ringtone sample of Stella Blue.
We looked but couldn't find you Lizzy!!!
We wandered up stairs and found a couple of seats about level with the big ass mirror ball, I wonder if it is the same one from Winterland, most of my readers know my affection for that thing...anyway, we found seats and before Midnite a lady in a white swan descended from above, and then the countdown was lead by I guesstimate it was Pan? All I know is the dude had horns, and at the stroke of Midnite the balloons dropped and the confetti started blowing and FIRE,FIRE,FIRE.
I can't for a thousand years think of anywhere on this Bright Blue Ball that I would have rather been at that moment.
By the time it was all over we were ready to drop (no not that,we know where your mind is at) and hit the freeway at 3 in the morning.
We made it as far as Dixon before finally stopping for the night at a motel.

Well the story is told, and for the second time in a year, after never asking for a miracle, my prayers to Saint Dilbert were fulfilled. Two tickets both times, the first two I actively searched for and this magical night appeared quite unexpectedly, but I will return the favor sometime so someone else can experience the joy provided to me.

Phil Lesh & Friends12/31/05 (Sat) Bill Graham Civic Center - San Francisco, CA
Set 1: Not Fade Away, China Cat Sunflower > Scarlet Begonias, Eyes Of The World > Sugaree, Franklin's TowerSet 2: Truckin' > Deal > Uncle John's Band, Fire On The Mtn, Candyman > Stella Blue > Terrapin Station > Bird Song > Not Fade AwaySet 3: Wharf Rat > Peaceful Valley > Sugar Magnolia > Sunshine Daydream > Ripple > Uncle John's Band (reprise)
Lineup: Phil Lesh, Joan Osborne, Larry Campbell, John Molo, Rob Baracco, Barry Sless, Ryan Adam