Monday, September 26, 2005

The miracle!

I have been a phamily member since a hot June day in 1967 when I attended my first show in Palo Alto. And through all the many,many shows I always made sure I had my ticks, mo or otherwise. Never failed when they played Winterland ,Fillmore,cow palace(sound check74, Frost @ Stanford, the Shoreline, Colluseum and the Greek in Beserkley.
I had planned on this show since I heard about it in August, but by the time my money showed up on the first I was brokenhearted to find out it was sold out.
I had planned out a rental car,place to stay, and money to burn when I got there. My brother showed up last tuesday with a bottle of whiskey in the a.m. from a little vaykay at the greybar hotel and I felt obligated to help him polish it off, by the time my girlfriend showed up we were both toasted and went to the casino for dinner, and while waiting for a table I shot craps and lost a huge chunk of $, whe I woke the next day I was devastated but determined to get to Berkeley somehow and after a little coaxing convinced my girl to take the plunge.
We stayed overnight on the coast at a friends and on the big day I took inventory and had about $30 and a sack of Herbals, after gas. And we took off to the show come hell or high water I wasn't gonna be stopped.
We got to the Greek Theater in Berkley, September 24th at 4pm and here is where the Miracles started!
In all my days and all my shows I have personally never asked anyone for a miracle ticket! I needed two today and had $20 left and a bag of fair herb about 1/4 oz worth but there were a lot of people scalping and looking for tickets in front, I held up my digit and started asking and an older looking hippie gentleman (even older than me) came by and gave me an invisible token and closed my hand and said "You WILL get in my brother!" and walked away, well not 5 minutes later someone else came by and offered up only one ticket but I passed on it cuz I wasn't gonna go in without my girl, and I started again...this time a brother comes up and tells me he just flew in with his wife and they bought two extras, but due to the flight no weed, and the Miracle tickets appeared in my hand for the weed I had left. No problem I knew I didn't need it inside anyway!!
We made it in and found grate seats for the disabled and I noticed two younger brothers right in front of me on the steps passing money and something else, and inquired if they had any L for sale and the bro says no, then hands me a square for free and walks away!!
Well needless to say it just kept getting better and better.
The first act was the guys Jerry started with one being David Nelson and I can't remember the other two gents but it was on and the ripped into some bluegrass. Then String Cheese Incedent, then Melvin Seals and JGB (who I got to meet earlier this summer working for renegade productions here in Tahoe), then they brought out Merle Saunders and it just kept getting better, Warren Hayes,Bobby and Ratdog, Mickey and Billy, Trey and Donna Jean were there the only one missing was Phil Lesh and as far as I am concerned he wasn't missed (he would only have ended up singing anyway, yechhhh!).
And there were two extra miracles provided that evening, first being with only $20 left in my pocket the kynd pholks behind us bought me a fricking t-shirt I could not have afforded and the last was before we left (after paying $3 for a tiny bottle of water I was broke and we shared the water and without thinking crushed the bottle. Rubi tells me to save the bottle so she can refill it for the trip back up the hill to the car and I blew up the bottle like a baloon to save it and as I did looked on the ground next to me and there sat a full sealed bottle of water!! It was truly a night of miracles, and I thank each and every brother and syster there for making my day & night one of the most memorable shows I have attended, SO FAR!!!
Next time I plan on buying at least one extra ticket to make someone elses show a miracle!!!I love you all!!!!!!!


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