Friday, October 15, 2004

So Far, So Good, So what!

After a unusually restful slumber I got up, dressed, chatted with my new friend Rita, and then went to Rude Brother's for the usual, a breakfast burrito and 2 large coffees. While I was sitting outside listening to some Coltrane my buddy Geoff came up and said he ran out of gas. As the gas gauge in my warthog is broken I know what it is like, so I ran him to a gas station and then back to his van. That was my good deed for today.
My friend Laura and her husband just left, I lost touch with her about 2 years ago and we just recently caught up again, her hubby has had 2 brain surgerys for anurisims and is now mentally about 13, she is going nuts taking care of him as she has to mind him like a child. She was basically begging me to come over so she can talk with an adult (her words), I met her through he ex while I was visiting the Greybar Hotel, she was my first real friend up here and I will do anything I can to help her. I could see the pain and stress in her face and especially her eyes, they used to be so bright!

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  1. Hello there, Jimbo! I'm happy to see you enjoying your site. Sorry to hear about your friend. I am in hopes that you can be instrumental in helping her get the brightness back in her eyes. I know you can do it! And the new friend, Rita.. how's that going? Is that short for Margarita? (my favorite past time) Well you keep me "posted." ha!