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Closing down the Warfield with Phil and Friends

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as we finished breakfast at one of favorite little stops on the way down the mointain (it's The Getaway Cafe,before the bug station in Meyers). I am the kind of guy who once gets behind the wheel doesn't want to stop until I have to, but springtime in the Sierras slows me down enough to appreciate the beauty of it and the rushing American River.

We got through Sacramento and up I80 to SF without a hitch rolling in about the same time the fog lifted at 1:30PM or so. Our hotel checkin wasn't until 3, so I did a little tourism, as Rubi (a naitive San Franciscan) had never been to Coit Tower. So we kiled a little time and money $4.50 to ride a rickety assed elevator,but the view was worth it.

Before we knew it it was check-in time and we pulled into the 55PARC hotel, a block from the Warfield, and got a room on the 14th floor(it was awesome), a little rest a few drinks and it was off to Market Street. The usual Tenderloin zoo was in full force as we paitiently waited to get inside and when we did we were seated at a table about midway through the first floor (disabled seating) and after settling in we split up the cubensis and waited for both the show and the other things to come on.

And just as we start to feel funny, (I was wearing my wizard hat) and someone handed this old wizard a big brown I am very experienced but this night of DIAMONDS was the most micrograms I think I have ever done at once, and damn was it awesome. It seemed the backdrop was something organic moving and changing colors (or mabye it wasn't)
From the opening notes of Come Together > Dark Star with Bobby Weir,Molo,and Phil, I knew we were in for a special treat. And it truly met all of our expectations, it was such a night (and morning)

Then as things got stranger and stranger, and more and more colorful and beautiful I ran into an old friend named Hugh Romney a.k.a. Wavy Gravy, who said high and graced our presense for a few minutes. By this time the second set had started with Jackie and Larry doing a several beautiful acoustic numbers, Goodnight Irine and Sing Me Back Home .
Deep Elem Blues ?Instrumental? The Warfield Waltz Love Please Come Home & Goodnight Irene again

Phil Lesh & Friends Sunday, May 18th, 2008 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, California

Prior to 1st Set: Phil comes out and says “It’s going to be a long night, so settle in and get comfortable.” He then says there will be a lot of special guests and special music and they are not really sure what they are going to play, “just like the old days.”

1st Set

(78 Minutes 9:17pm – 10:35pm)

Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, & John Molo

Come Together >

(BW) Dark Star > (Phil sang 1st verse, Bob sang 2nd verse)

Loose Lucy (BW) West L.A. Fadeaway * (BW)

The Wheel > *

Not Fade Away *

* with Jeff Chimenti from Ratdog and Larry Campbell

Phil introduces Jeff Chimenti and Bob Weir, calling Bob “my prodigal brother.”

Phil then says “Bob, John, & I have been wanting to do that for a long time and I am glad you got to see it.”

2nd Set

(29 Minutes 10:44pm – 11:13pm)

Acoustic Set w/Larry Campbell & Jackie Green


Sing Me Back Home

Deep Elem Blues (LC on lead vocals)

Texas Crapshooter

The Warfield Waltz (as introduced by LC)

Love Please Come Home

Goodnight Irene

3rd Set

(90 Minutes 11:40pm – 1:10am)

Phil Lesh & Friends

Shakedown Street >

Like a Ball & Chain

Big River (LC on lead vocals)

Mississippi Half-Step * >

Althea * Mexican Girl *

Stella Blue (Instrumental) * >

Sugaree *

* with Mark Karan from Ratdog

4th Set

(15 Minutes 1:15am – 1:30am)

"Skinny Singers" Jackie Green & Tim Bluhm

The Ballad of Spider John

Where The Rain Don’t Go

Squeaky Wheel * * with Nicki Bluhm on backing vocals

5th Set

(90 Minutes 1:55am – 3:25am)

Phil Lesh & Friends

(Balloons drop from the ceiling)

Sugar Magnolia

Unbroken Chain >

Mountains of the Moon >

Terrapin (Inspiration) >

I Know You Rider

Donor Rap, Band


E: Jam > * Truckin' > * And We Bid You Goodnight

* * with Mark Karan from Ratdog

All in all it was one of the most fantastic shows I have attended in a very very long time, and I have been going to shows since I was a pup of 13, I am so proud to say I have turned my wife into a true deadhead, who enjoys them as much as I do, and I know,


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