Saturday, February 16, 2008

Zane and the Ducks need your help, part of the Kesey legacy

Ken Kesey would be kicking up plenty of dirt about the way the new athletic director is treating his beloved Oregon Wresting. I am Ken's son, when I was young I learned about his passion for this team. Eventually my brother and I were lucky enough to be University of Oregon wrestlers, my father couldn't have been prouder. Every one of these Ducks spilled sweat, tears and blood for the team, my brother died in a wreck while the teams van was traveling to Pullman, you can't give any more than that!
Now with a single underhanded stroke of Pat Kilkenny's pen, our team is axed in favor of baseball. Wrestlers are good sports and never argue with the official, but something smells completely wrong here. My coach, Ron Finley, the nicest guy you ever will meet has been calling in all the favors he has ever done to raise money to pay for this program. Ron is obviously well loved, as he has raised nearly 3 million in cash and pledges. Yet Kilkenny just seems to scoff at these monumental, heartwarming efforts. It is exactly during this kind of stink that Ken Kesey would step in and make sure the people see the ugly truth of what's happening. I am not Ken Kesey, but I will no longer be silent while this tragedy unfolds.
We CAN save Oregon Wrestling! I am calling all wrestlers, pranksters, and friends of Kesey past and present to join me Saturday aboard Ken's bus FURTHER for an evening of spreading the word loudly throughout the town.
I will start at Roaring Rapids Pizza around 4:00, all press is welcome, we will have plenty to say!

Zane Kesey

Pleasant Hill, OR


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  1. I quit the high school baseball team.
    The coach wouldn't let me pitch.
    The quarterback could pitch - he did pitch - he pitched the bases loaded and then he pitched three runs in before bein' sent to the showers and replaced with a dude who then proceeded to walk in two more runs.
    That was the day I quit.

    Oh, the Mapletown Maples
    (a fear arousing name) lost

    Stay on groovin' safari,