Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Q's for Ken

Final questions from David Wills
What influence did Vietnam (both the war and the country) have in shaping your life and the lives of your friends?

Revealed to those whose eyes are open the idiocy and prevarications of the bunglers in goverment so far removed from the lives of us mere mortals they think they can get away with anything. Well, they can. For a while. When I was in Vietnam I tried to figure out what we were doing there. Stemming the red horde was the ostensible reason, and it was a good opportunity for the military to try out new weapons and tactics, but there had to be more to it than that. Oil or rubber or opium. Pristine beaches. Hiltons on the seashore. Elephant tours to the native Montagnard Villages. Tiger hunts with crossbows. Camouflage face paint and flapping loin cloths. Book the tour, Granny, we're gonna explore the tunnels. See the light! There, at the end. The truth revealed. It shall set ye free. Free of gummint bungling, of mowing the lawn, of ingesting the poisons. We gonna buddy up, conserve and share our natchral goodies. We gonna plow the lawn and plant a garden. Compost our garbage and throw out the chemicals. Deep six the glamor products and sharpen the hoe. Thumb our noses at the corporate propaganda. Give an elbow to the ribs of the knowitalls like me. Pinpricks to all the hotair balloons floating out of capitols and courthouses and city halls all over the land. We don't have to take back what's already ours. We merely have to see it, use it, dig it, groove, baby, groove. Heaven on earth is here, or as Cassady said, "It was so simple it eluded me."
Finally, what are you doing these days? Tell us about skypilotclub and your poetry, music and protest of the last few years.
What's to say. This bumper sticker sums it up: So many books, so little time. Skypilotclub was a supposedly brilliant way to pay for a website by enjoining potential members to cough up some bucks in order to share the costs, while at the same time accumulating club goodies like patches, decoders, T shirts and stickers. Also, a lot of the stuff I write and the vidies I make and the music/rap CDs I create, are all available online. Every once in a while I summon up the local prankster/skypilots and we cobble together a musical skit we perform wherever we can find a shed or room willing to let us in. What good does it do to protest? Allows you to vent your spleen but as Kesey said, "You vent your spleen often enough you end up with a ventilated spleen." So we don't protest, per se, but we try, in a humorous creative way, to puncture the balloons of pomposity and idiocy with our own over-the-top pomposity and idiocy, hopefully illuminating some godawful truth. What's mostly revealed is our poor pitch, for we can't carry a tune, let alone a message. Two examples of this are The Ballad Of Johnny and Jim, and Guantanamo, now available on DVD from www.skypilotclub.com.
A skypilot is the person who, when you are so high you are stuck and can't get down, comes and gets you and brings you down safely.






"I've opted for fun in this lifetime..."~Jerry Garcia

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