Thursday, February 15, 2007

Smoking Aces

For valentines day Rubi and I decided to go to the movies and see Smoking Aces. This film was shot here in Tahoe and we were anticipating seeing local landmarks and plus Rubi got a part as an extra for a couple of scenes and hoping to see her in a shot(didn't happen). About a mob informer holed up in the penthouse suite at The Nomad (Montbleu) pursued by a whole bunch of hitmen after a million dollar bounty (and his heart). So lots of shoot em up, bang bang, and not much plot that wasn't completely predictable. Basically a bloodbath with bad dialogue. Rubi got to see one of her friends playing a bad hooker and I noticed a few locals from around town. But all in all a bad movie on a bad premise with bad direction. (And Rubi was pissed Ben Affleck was killed off so early, good carreer choice Ben!).
And dinner at SATO'S for under $25 was a much much better choice, and we ended the evening with a bang of our own...

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  1. Thanks for the review - I'll be sure to miss this one!

    Glad you had a great end to VD, though!

    We spent a fair bit more last night at Volpi's in Petaluma which was a favorite of Dick Latvala's.