Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From Kuki in China

thought I would pass this along from a friend visiting China:
I have never seen anything like this in my life ...i have never seen so many plants in my life. yesterday i saw about a million hemp plants. male and female variety. I ate the seeds right off the plant. some were premature figuring that they should be done probably in a few weeks. I took lots of pics and i will definately make those pictures the highlight of the newer DTRIBE website that will be built soon. i felt a huge energy right as i saw my first plant it was overwhelming . As one approaches the summit of Tai Shan, Cannabis can be seen growing spontaneously with increasing frequency along the sides of the paths. The mountain top is nearly covered in weedy hemp that has escaped cultivation and grows throughout the rocky outcrops. This perhaps results from the ancient Taoist tradition of offering grain to the Jade Emperor atop Tai Shan peak during the Double Nines Festival
see ya in the USA

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