Monday, May 01, 2006


Rubi and I get home from dinner one evening and start preparing to turn in, she goes in to the back to change...Knock knock, guess who? Hey Jimbo, a friend of mine gave me these, and I think they are some kind of pain pill, know what they are? With all my ailments I am familiar with all sorts of pharmaceuticals, and intimate with narcotics, but I didn't recognize the pill he handed me. So I say hold on let me look it up for you, I pull out my nurses drug handbook(borrowed during one of my stays at the hospital) and lo and behold I could not find it in there either. Now if theres one thing I do and do really well is root out all sorts of useless(and useful) bullshit on the net, and I had been presented with a challenge.
I start pulling up pages and hear behind me "fuck it, I know its good, she got it out of her medicine cabinet, I'm eating a couple", to which I reply, I'd hold off until I knew for sure what you are eating, it don't look like anything I am familiar with, give me a few minutes... Crunch,crunch down the hatch they went. With a comment about how awful they were to chew up, up pops a page I had entered the color,shape and marking numbers... I almost shit myself laughing as I turned and told him that the two bullets he just bit were a HERPES SIMPLEX MEDICATION!!! Oh, my god I thought Rubi was going to collapse laughing, as he shot past her to toss his cookies. Another true occurrence, I couldn't dream this stuff up on the finest of herbs, short and sweet, no names have been changed to protect the innocent...

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