Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One Night at Neros

If you have read any of the other stories presented here you have probably pegged me as an alcoholic, I'm not, I never have had a problem with putting it down when needed. Alcohol once again though provides an entertaining little story. I still have a couple on occasion but after the heart attacks (2) I have pretty much ended that phase of things. I have enough fun without it and can remember things now.
Back a few years ago Mr. Ryan and I with plenty of money and all the time in the world got bored one evening and decided to go to the casinos and do a little gambling. By the time we ended up at Caesar's Tahoe we were on our way to another alcohol fueled good time, we were both ahead at the tables and I decided to stop and walk (always smart when ahead), and coaxed Jimmy to exit as well and went into Nero's, at the time the hottest club in Glitter Gulch. After hitting the bar and grabbing drinks we started scoping out some talent. After following Jim around the dance floor we sided up next to two beautiful lady's on one of the couches and started chatting with them. One of the pluses of having a best friend half my age and handsome to boot is I seem to always be around pretty girls, even if the odds aren't in my favor sometimes things turn out. Well Jim starts up a conversation with this stunning blonde and proceeds to make some moves. I was having a fun conversation with her friend , barely able to hear her as the music in Nero's is always cranked, with one eye on her and the other on my partner (always amazed at the way this guy seems to attract beauty without any effort ). Well just then the music abruptly quiets and I hear Mr.Ryan say to this girl "Hey I love your nose ring". She gives him this armor piercing look and says "It's not a nose ring, it's a MOLE, you idiot" and she jumps up grabs her friends arm and *POOF* those two are gone... At this point, like so many,many other times I look at Jimmy and He looks at me with this goofy look he gets sometimes after about a gallon of booze and half smiles. And once again I am about to piss myself laughing... I followed him around the club saying "I like your nose ring", until he started getting a little out of sorts. As with most of these little vignettes I have no clue where or who we ended up with that night, but ended up with another story for posterity.

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  1. Just one more thing to add to the list of things not to say...
    right along with, "When's the baby due?"