Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Ask any southie in Lake Tahoe where the beach to see and be seen in the area and I will almost bet the answer will be Zephyr Cove on the Nevada side. But if you ask me the locals favorite place to semi-get away from the throngs of gawker's (tourist's) that swarm the area in the summer I won't tell you, that is why it is the local's favorite.
Anyway back to the story, Ryan and I have a summer ritual we have carried out without fail for the last few years. An almost daily occurrence when monkey boy isn't climbing tree's, is to jump in the convertible warthog K5 and head out for an afternoon of swilling beer and the occasional cocktail (beach service) whilst doing a little gawking of our own. We narrow it to the female age group from 19 to 50, and any sweet thing that crosses our area is scrutinized. We of course, being gentlmen refrain from comments until the scrutinized is out of earshot, and though sometimes it is impossible to keep from salivating, we never drool...
Except this one time. We mosey down to the beach and set up the kooler and chairs and start drinking the afternoon away. After returning from a wander around the deck I discover Ryan had struck up a conversation with two very lovely late twenty early thirty ladies who had noticed that forestry fire fighter t-shirt of his(said shirt has gotten more play than Steve Young) and we discovered that they were CDF fire fighters on vaykay after a hot one in L.A county. Now I am positive if I hadn't been there Jimmy would have probably wound up in a very hot menage-a-trois. Once in awhile our large age difference puts a crimp in my young friends style. Things had proceeded as far as they were going to with these two. As soon as we got back to gawking at talent, three very young slabs of beef swoop in and the temp gradually got warmer, the thermometer broke right there in front of us right on Zephyr Cove beach, it was turning into a menage-a-quint. There was kissing and fondling and licking and bikini's being pushed aside both tops and bottoms like it was business as usual, it occurred that these girls were not up at Tahoe for the view. Jim and I sat there dumbfounded for a half a sec and then began offering play by play and the occasional suggestion. And nobody gave a shit. The beach had cleared out pretty much or they couldn't have got away with this public orgy. Althought at one point, a mother shielded her child's eyes to the festivities. But there it was right in front of us. We couldn't wait to let others bear witness and hailed two older gents down the beach. We sit on this picnic table like we are at a ball game and one old guy asks if he can get his camera by this time nobody cared or was paying attention. Guy comes back with his digital and starts clicking and hands us a 1.75 liter bottle of Ketel One vodka ( high end brand) and Jim and I went to town, well to bring this tale to an end we got drunk and horny and the five left to go to someone's hot tub and I don't know whatever happened to the old guys. Sex on the beach wasn't just the name of a cocktail that hot summer afternoon....

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  1. I loved reading all of your stories. Jim is my brother and I miss him dearly. I sat here for half the day laughing and crying reading these. But where is he now? I wish things were different. Take care of yourself and tell my brother I love him!