Monday, November 01, 2004


Or my brush with the LAW
My story starts in spring 98 when I was evicted. I went and rented a Chevy s10 with a tonneu cover on back. For the purpose of hauling my stuff to storage, my brother asked if he could borrow it, and showed back 5 days later with 1000 miles racked up on the thing.
I was stuck I felt if I brought it back without money they would throw me in jail.
So I threw my coleman stove, bag, lantern and took off for the beach, Prior to all this I had a pretty bad addiction to meth and left to try and dis-associate myself with everyone in that circle. So I spent a month in Monterey bay area car camping because I had a friend nearby I could go to to take showers and get a real meal. I lived like that for a month and she told me they were going camping the following week at a lake up in the sierras. It was 30 miles up a dirt road and I set up camp on the lake and waited a week, they never showed up so after waiting another day for someone to give me a jump I took off back down, but when I called from Auburn and found out the kid got sick, I was close to Tahoe so I said what the hell I got nothing better to do, so I took off up here to my lake, I arrived at 3:30 pm at HARVEY'S and left Caesars -$600 at 5:30 am, broke, I decided to find the cheapest camp I could find, little did I know Bayview would be my home more than once (see prior story on blog), anyway I had a blast there camping and drinking lots of beer and encountering a bear that I came to know closely, I kicked it there for a little over a month, and one of the reasons I was drinking lot of beer, besides the obvious was that was although there was a faucet there but there was no water, it was the downfall of my criminal career. It was at a trailhead and across from the lookout at Emerald Bay and there were thirsty campers,and hikers,and gawkers aplenty so I devised a business plan went to K-mart and started buying cases of bottled water and loading my big ice chest and sit there and let the money come to me. Well all went well for a week or so and then a STAR patrol (which is a bunch of retired law enforcement boys and girls with nothing better to do) he rolled up and asked me if I had a business license, I say no but I will stop, I did until I saw his taillights going away. Well another week went by and here he comes again, this time I have no signs and am just sitting minding my own business next thing I know I am surrounded by sheriff,CHP,and forest service law enforcement,(or as they are lovingly refferred to TWIG PIGS),with guns drawn on this dumb old hippie...quick end to my criminal life, arrested for Grand Theft Auto I spent 91 days at greybar hotel for it plus 5 years probation, I would have gotten more but my record was clean except 2 DUI's in the 70s, and as my dear readers can see from previous storys(I will not say I have never done anything criminal, I just never got caught!) but during my stay my social security checks kept coming direct deposit and when released I had enough scratch to find myself a apartment and have not been off the hill since then exept the rare occaision (like a trip to Reno)

I am felonious.
I think I can get it reduced to misdemeanor but hate legal bullshit plus being the worlds champion procrastinator.

So that's how I ended up in paradise with a view, aka the world vortex for nutcases and snow people. yup it hasn't affected my life at all until it gets around election time and I can't voice my say. It makes me appreciate our system a little more, nothing is so fucked up in this country that it's people can not change. Unless they don't have a say.

Why are our days numbered and not... say... lettered?
Woody Allen


  1. Silly Jimbo...
    Just posted that story as he told it to me...
    sans editing.
    How cute.

  2. I am proud to say, after much soulsearching I went back to court and on 1/21/2005 charges against me were reduced to a misdemeanor and dropped. I am felonious no more, and plan on voting against any and every republican that runs for office. Until I am ashes...